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tv   Washington Journal Kristen Clarke Discusses Voter Fraud  CSPAN  May 30, 2017 3:46pm-4:01pm EDT

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on c-span2. a conversation about the consequences of government corruption how it's fueled transnational networks resulting in violence, environmental harm and criticism and 5:30, a discussion about the future of iran, its threat to the us and how lawmakers can respond. we will hear from military veterans who served an open and clandestine wars under general david petronius and secretary of defense general james matus with perspective the us command and special forces. >> next, details on president trumps voter fraud submission. will show as much of this as possible before the start of the forum on government corruption. >> kristen clark is black
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back at our desk to discuss the trump administrations presidential advisory commission on election integrity. she serves as president of civil rights under law and before we get started we remind viewers what the lawyers committee is, how you're funded and how you got started? >> the lawyers committee for civil rights was founded in 1963 at the behest of john f. kennedy who issued a call to action for private lawyers across the country to do more . to engage in the fight for civil rights in our country. yesterday of course we mark's 100th birthday. we are a national civil rights organization, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. we work on issues such as voting rights, criminal justice, education and health issues across the country. we had litigation and our goal is to move our country closer to equality and to combat discrimination, as we wrestle with so many equations today. >> you joined us to talk about the presidential advisory position on election integrity established may 11, vice president princes
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chairman secretary of state, crisco back and vice chair and on the day of that launch, you released a statement condemning that commission, why? >> the commission, i think is a distraction from the real issues that we face in our democracy today, we released data that shows that about 61 percent of eligible americans voted in the 2000 16 elections and the reason why our voter turnout numbers are as low as they are is because we are still wrestling with voter suppression and ongoing voting discrimination. there's real questions about the influence that russia had on the integrity of our elections in november so this commission i think is a distraction from the real issues that we face.and it really is a witchhunt where we will see this commission off looking for vote fraud that we know doesn't exist. >> i'm very concerned about the chilling effect that this commission's activities could
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have on minority communities and most fundamentally very concerned that it's distracting america from the real issues, how do we expand access to democracy in our country. >> you're the commission vice chair crisco back on fox news days after the announcement of the commission explaining what he intends to do? >> so the commissioner is looking at more than the 2016 election, it's looking at the entire issue of voting elected irregularities and fraud and registration problems so what we're doing is for the first time in our country's history gathering data from all 50 states and we will be using the federal government's databases which can be valuable, the social security administration has data on people when they pass away. the really knows of the millions of aliens who are in the united states legally and that is data that's never
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been bounced against the states voter rolls to see whether these people are registered so we will be doing things like that that have never been done before and we will get some actual statistics because you know this debate is so contentious but often times the debate doesn't have enough facts in the debate and were going to provide the facts and putting them on the table and letting the people decide. >> and were talking with clark at the lawyers committee on civil rights about that commission. >> if you want to join the conversation, that democratic 202. republicans 202-748-8000 one, independents 202-748-8000, we are listening to that providing the facts, fact-finding mission, getting the numbers is what he's talking about. why would that be a bad thing? >> during his tenure as secretary of state he served as secretary of state in kansas in 2011. and he's really made this a core part of his agenda, looking for vote fraud. >> throughout his tenure as secretary of state he's announced there is widespread voter fraud across the state of kansas, because of these
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allegations and claims, today it turns out one in his actual vote fraud, there was one case that he successfully prosecuted last month and this is one out of millions of votes cast in the state of kansas. so i'm concerned as we prepare to take this effort to the national stage and concerned about the hysteria that he seeks to promote across the country because when we look at the data and that's what's most important, when we look at the real data, we know that there is no systemic or widespread problem of voter fraud in our country. so what we do know is that voter suppression laws like texas is photo id requirement is kind of, show me your paper laws that we have promoted which require that people seeking to register to
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vote provide a photocopy of their passport when they want to register, we know this has a real impact on the electorate and there are hundreds of thousands of people who are denied access to the ballot box because of those laws. those are the real issues we should be talking about. >> this is going to be a bipartisan commission. are you concerned with democrats who have been named to the commission or should democrats even serve on this commission? >> to me this is a waste of taxpayer dollars. we've got real problems in our country and this is an unfortunateuse of taxpayer dollars . i'm concerned about senator blackwell, the former secretary of state of ohio. he has been named to serve on this commission and it's somebody who built a career out of making partisan people to register to vote. >> during his time as secretary of state he rejected thousands of voter registration forms. because there were printed on the wrong paperweights.
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>> not on the right card stock in his view. >> so i'm very concerned about some of the folks they have pulled out to work on this commission. what i will say is this, there is this hyper- partisan rejection of this idea that there's voter fraud in our country. like paul ryan have said that campaigns have not seen evidence of the millions of people who president trump claims that voted unlawfully in november. you have lindsey graham in south carolina who is rejecting these claims and in fact urged president trump to pull back claims he's made about the november 2015 election and urges the focus on real issues like western influence on our democracy. so across the board, we see folks from the left and right who rejected this whole concept of unsubstantiated notion that there is widespread voter fraud in our
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country. >> you have democrats on the news today that the democratic national committee is launching a new voting commission of their own and that that trump administration commission that we've been talking about this morning , democrats fear as you said that the trumpet initiation will leave their suppression in minority communities reporting from usa today noting this new commission will document reports on voter suppression tactics and make recommendations for strengthening access to the full access for all americans according to the statement provided to usa today. is this effort that you think the democratic national committee should be launching? is this something that should be bipartisan? >> indeed. the right to vote is not a partisan issue and this is an issue that all americans should be focused on. >> with the dnc launching it make it more of a partisan issue?
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>> my hope is we will see bipartisan support at the end of the day for this important project the dnc has lost. we need a focus at the national level on the problem of voter suppression and we need to make sure that we keep congress focused on restoring the voting rights in the wake of the 2013 supreme court decision in shelby county alabama versus holder holder which set the core provision of the voting rights act and opened the door for some of the voter depression lost across the country. there's been bipartisan support for the voting rights act in the past and there should be bipartisan support for restoring the voting rights act now. >> kristen clark is with the lawyers commission for civil rights under law, >> paul is a first in appleton wisconsin. good morning. >> good morning, i truly believe the only reason why trump is going through with this is because he lost the popular vote by over 3
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million votes and he can't accept that he lost the popular vote. >> for one thing there's been so much voter fraud in wisconsin. : always have a handful of votes, they went to trunk and it was minuscule. >>. >> the difference so that tells you right there that it's all about the bs because from doesn't want to accept the fact that he lost the popular vote by so many people. >> kristen clark. >> senator lindsey graham agrees with that point and agrees that president trump should withdraw these claim that millions of voters passed ballots unlawfully because frankly it threatens the integrity of his own victory in november. >> i believe deeply that we should have conversations about voting in our country that are supported by data . that are supported by
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evidence and when we do that, we know that there are up to 40 percent of americans who didn't participate in november and that many americans are left with states making it hard for people to vote. we need a conversation that focuses on reforms like same day voter registration. and early voting opportunities, making those more widespread, free registration opportunities for 16 and 17-year-old. >> this is the kind of conversation we should be having in our democracy today, one that focuses on how do we get all americans access to the ballot box? >> on twitter, mark stone has this question, how do we know there is no voter fraud if we never studied it? >> it has been studied. the center was already today looking at 10 counties across our country with the largest numbers of nine percent and
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only one of those 10 counties reported any instances of alleged vote fraud. there's been efforts to look at this problem in the past under former president george w. bush. us attorneys engaged in an effort to look at vote fraud across our country. itdidn't turn anything up and resulted in the firings of a number of us attorneys . there is no substantiated data that supports these claims that vote fraud is widespread and rampant in our country. >> raymond is in wynton pennsylvania, an independent, good morning. >> good morning, i'd like to ask your guests, i think at this point in time, i would like to see the commission go forward and see what it uncovers. there are reports coming out on the media all the time, there was 500 illegals voted in the precinct down in north carolina.
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jill stein, doctor jill stein when she filed federal suit to have a recount in michigan , was about a week or two later that it came out and it was on the media, they reported that more people voted in detroit in the inner-city then were registered. all of a sudden jill stein pulled her lawsuit. what is wrong with investigating these things? don't forget what they're doing to jared , his son-in-law. >> all on unsubstantiated reports. we need an investigation. we need an investigation right now into whether or not illegals are voting in this country which they are, i know that personally. they are voting and over in california, at least 3 million of them voted because they got drivers licenses now and you can vote with a drivers license. >>. >> guest: urged the public to follow through on some of the claims put forth that have promoted this hysteria about vote fraud.
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this for example is somebody who has suggested there were millions of people in kansas who voted unlawfully. he fought to obtain special powers to prosecute voter fraud in the state of kansas and today, he's only turned up one. >> you can find the rest online, go to click the tab and select washington journal. we take you now to the endowment for international peace for a conversation about government corruption. >>


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